Postpartum Replenishment Guide
Postpartum Replenishment Guide
Postpartum Replenishment Guide

Postpartum Replenishment Guide

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Support your Energy, Healing + Recovery

Your nutrition matters now more than ever—whether you are 1 week or 3 years postpartum, this guide will serve you, your energy and your family for decades to come.

What You'll Get:

  • Explanation of 8 crucial postpartum nutrients (how they affect you + how to get them)
  • 6 week holistic supplement protocol to kickstart your energy + replenishment
  • ‘Best for’ nutrient guide to anxiety, energy, sleep, overwhelm, healing
  • Nutrient dense + quick snack list
  • Refreshing encouragement to meet you in your season of motherhood
  • Discount for a 20 or 60 minute personalized, one-on-one nutrition consultation with Caroline Potter, FNTP


A postpartum nutrition plan? A postpartum recovery plan? That didn’t come home with you and your baby. 

Many women experience problems in the later half of life that stem from postpartum depletion. What if you could do something now that changed the rest of your life?

We’ve made it simple with a 6 weeks postpartum protocol you can do at any stage of your postpartum recovery season, even if it’s been a few years since you had a baby.

You don’t have to ‘tough it out’ deserve better!

About Caroline Potter:

Caroline Potter is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and mama to 2 darling littles. Combining both her clinical and personal experiences, she seeks to empower women with relatable, personal, and clear resources to help pursue wellness in your home and life.