Fresh Start Detox
Fresh Start Detox
Fresh Start Detox
Fresh Start Detox
Fresh Start Detox

Fresh Start Detox

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a 30 day approach of abundance & healing

Flip the script! Say goodbye to restriction and guilt →  hello to healing, joy & abundance

abundance > restriction

  • Learn detox principles that will impact your everyday functioning, balance hormones and increase energy AND carry with you for life.
  • Focus on how you can add to your life rather than restrict—approach detox from a perspective of abundance.
  • Get practical holistic action steps that you can incorporate without stress, restriction or spending a bunch of money.
This guide is for you if...
  • You are looking to give your body a bit of a boost and a reset!
  • Dealing with headaches & migraines, PMS symptoms, exhaustion, brain fog, weight gain, nausea, heavy metal toxicity, autoimmune disease, hormone deregulation, acne or blemish prone skin, poor sleep, brain fog and more.
  • You want to cultivate long term rituals and set yourself up for a lifetime of success.
  • If you are looking to become pregnant in the next months or year, or just finished breastfeeding—these are great times to detox and give your body a boost!

What's inside

Part 1: Approaching detox differently
  1. Why we need detox
  2. Nutrient and energy dependent process
  3. General detox guidelines
  4. Detox foods, supplements and healing therapies
  5. Recipes (detox baths + nourishment)
  6. Resources
Part 2 Your 30 day template
  1. Inspirational template > rigid to-do list
  2. 30 day template

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