Email Marketing Basics
Email Marketing Basics
Email Marketing Basics

Email Marketing Basics

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A Guide to Making Money from Email Marketing

Did you know email marketing can make up 80% of companies' revenue? 

Email can be daunting to dive into, but it doesn't have to be! There are some simple strategies you can learn in this guide that you can implement today. 

I also know how difficult it is to start writing emails when there's no inspiration or person to bounce ideas off of, so I've included 4 welcome email templates and some best practices for lifestyle bloggers, beauty bloggers, photographers, and coaches!

    What's inside

    1. What makes email marketing so successful for businesses like yours
    2. Steps to set up your email marketing platform
    3. A special 50% discount for your email marketing service
    4. 4 email tutorials that walk you through how to set up your audience, opt in form and first campaign
    5. 3 Welcome email templates